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Travel Tip for Travelling Couples

This has been bothering me for some time, and I really wanted to get it off my chest. If you’re travelling as a couple or a group, and you’re on the road for a decent amount of time I’d highly recommend scheduling in some “apart time”.

I’ve yet to meet someone who reckons spending 24/7×365 attached to the hip to someone else is healthy for the relationship. You’d never do it in real life as you’d be off to separate lessons or work in different places (or even if you work in the same role at the same company, you’d probably go spend the odd evening with your mates or something like that) each day. But when travelling so many couples become totally inseparable and its just not healthy.

Sure, if you’ve got a hectic week or two lined up full of fun stuff do it together or are staying in a location with dubious safety, but even if its only once a month, pencil in an “apart day”. It’ll often force you to meet new people at the hostel you’re staying in at the time, which is only a good thing. It’ll also let you see some sites and sounds you know your other half would not be interested in in the slightest, or if you’re just in the mood for a chilled out day it’ll let you catch up on all those postcards you wanted to send home and find a sunny spot and spend a lazy afternoon finishing off your book in peace.

I’d advise having breakfast together then heading off and doing your own things – meeting back up in time for dinner or when it gets dark. Bring some independence back into your travels, even if its only for a few hours. If you’re into extreme sports and your other half isn’t, use it as an opportunity to do something you really wanted to do. But remember, the focus is not on trying to have as much fun as possible without the other person (and definitely not the reason for “apart days”), its just to bring some sanity back into the situation.

And if nothing else, it’ll mean when you get back to the “real world” and you suddenly cannot spend every waking moment in each others presence, you’ll be ready for it and it wont take you by surprise and put your relationship under unnecessary strain.

(On my travels in Central America I met a couple, Steph & Hannah, who had an “apart day” routine going and I wished I’d paid more attention to it at the time, it really was a sound idea. So I’m hoping someone out there travelling as a couple will read this and take this piece of advice to heart. It really helps!)

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Does Your Fridge Need A New Postcard?

Hey guys, we want to show our appreciation to all you loyal readers out there and so we’ve decided we’re going to start sending postcards out to randomly picked readers each time we do a post run (usually about once every country we hit). If you’d like to be up with a chance of getting a little souvenir from abroad, fill in your details in the secure form below (don’t worry, we’re not going to do a “Sony” and let hackers get these details). We can guarantee that your post address isn’t going to be used for spam or anything like that either. The last thing we ask is that if you’re on facebook, please “like” our blog’s fan page – you can do it very easily in that little panel on the right of our blog plage.




That’s all there is to it. Obviously the sooner you put in your details, the sooner you’ll be legible for the draw. Good Luck!

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